ROCK THE PARTY (and don’t hold back)

by Javier Salvador


Let's face it, everyone wants to throw the best and certainly the most instagrammable party. From Dior's recent couture surrealist soiree at the Rodin Museum in Paris to Jo Malone's back to School dinner at The Arts Club in London, there's a real thirst out there to throw the most amazing party EVER! One of London's biggest event teams, BAOD, have been there, seen it, done it and even got the T-shirt. We ask them what it takes to ensure both you and your guests have a ball.

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Ensure it is either completely mad or totally on brand, and when we say 'brand', even you as a person are a brand. The party needs to be a 360 degree reflection of you inside and out. What will people think when they arrive at the venue? Will it fulfil or even exceed expectations? We aim for the latter. Sometimes opting for the mad option might be more fun - who doesn't transform a car park for the chicest dinner party for 30? This actually happened and it went down a storm.




Be that hostess with the mostess! Think ahead and mastermind where you want your attention to be on the night... and not. Guests will want to shower you in gifts so organise an area out of the way for these to be put and alert staff so they can help you with this. Organise a separate bag with items you don't want to carry around such as your makeup bag and find a safe place for it out of the way that staff know about so they can rush to bring it to you at the click of your fingers. Equally with your mobile, believe it or not people will still call you if they are stuck, lost, drunk..! Give your phone to someone trust worthy who will be able to filter calls as well as pretty damn good at taking your picture! Finally bring some glam flats, cool trainers or fabulous slippers for dancing. There is nothing worst than seeing a limp host / hostess or one that simply can't join in.

Dress to impress  Who said just because you are entertaining you need to comfortable...if Couture is your things, feather are de rigeuer....if its RTW, chiffon, ruffles and pastel shades, who cares about spilling a drink over it? it will simply go to the dry cleaners the next day.....and SHOES the higher the better, frankly you will only be standing in one place, making sure everyone comes to you, and all the pretty staff do the running around.




From someone hosting the door with unwavering attention to filter out any unwanted guests (you'd be surprised!) to that gorgeous boy or girl topping up your drink all night, make sure your staff look the part. At a glamorous baby shower, we dressed handsome waiters in pink and blue ties as a nod to the mystery behind the sex of the new baby's arrival. Jack Downes from Urbane London will make sure you have the best groomed people for the job, whatever your taste in appearance might be.






These should blow everyone's mind, including yours. If your budget is limited, just buy lots of one variety of flower or even better, tons of foliage and fill every corner with large vases of them. We have a million and one tips for this.

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Despite myths, we all need to eat to avoid the mother of all hangovers the next day. Theming your food and printing your logo everywhere is everyone's favourite trend at the moment. Whatever your thing from pizza to lobster, make your thing a THING! We loved seeing one host upgrade his burgers to wagyu beef and fois gras to maintain the luxe element. Cellar Society and Last Supper, the go to London Caterers, will help you with this. We love the black liquorice and fois gras macaroons at and the snow pea snap, black truffle and wood sorrel canapes at