by Fran White

When it comes to skin, we all want the same thing: glowiness. A luminous, positively-pleased-with-itself complexion will detract from tired eyes and the first whisper of fine lines. (It might also mean you can forgo foundation, which is the dream and unheard of in winter). Here are three treatments that will ensure just that.




The quickest way to spruce up skin is a HydraFacial. Any clinic worth their salt tends to offer the medical-grade facial, which does away with dead cells whilst infusing skin with goodness, but the nicest (and most fastidious) clinician to offer it is Anna Silsby. The treatment is performed in stages: a micro-fine exfoliator, followed by a gentle chemical peel, and finally, a hydrating serum, which brings life back to dull skin. Solutions are delivered using various suction-y tools and the sensation is like having a Hoover run across your skin, though it’s not uncomfortable. It takes an hour, and the glow when you’re done is indescribable. (It also unblocks pores, so skin is noticeably clearer). 

HydraFacial with Anna Silsbury, from £230. At Waterhouse Young, 21 Devonshire Street, W1. (; 020 7486 3849)


For a longer-lasting glow, mesotherapy can’t be beaten. Frenchwoman swear by the treatment, which involves delivering micro-doses of hydration to the skin, often via a motorised needle. The cocktail (a potent serum of vitamins and minerals) contains a high percentage of hyaluronic acid (HA - the molecule holds up to 1,000 times its own weight in water) – and the man to see is Benjamin Kauffholz. Kauffholz’s ‘Mesolift’ is quick – no more than ten minutes – though you’ll lie there for another ten minutes beforehand to let the numbing cream that’s been applied sink in. The needling is therefore pain-free; though the flurry of ‘shots’ from Kauffholz’s meso-gun (across your face, neck and lips) is startling. There’s a cooling mask before you are left beneath the LEDs (the light helps to reduce inflammation) – but that’s it. You can apply makeup immediately (there might be some faint scratches from the needle, but nothing noticeable). The next day, skin gleams like a brand-new penny. (Book in every three months, and the lustre will last long-term).

Mesotherapy with Benjamin Kauffholz, from £tk. At Clinic Dr Dray, 20 Canning Place, W8. (; 020 7937 103).

Credit: Dior



Otherwise, for a glow that continues to improve over time, why not consider Volite? The hyaluronic acid-based treatment - designed to deliver intense moisture to the deepest layers of skin - is injected using a cannula. (At least, that’s how queen of injectables, Dr Suha Kersh delivers it). Volite is not a filler: in this instance, the hyaluronic acid is formulated to ‘spread’ beneath the skin rather than staying put and ‘volumising’ (as most hyaluronic acid-based fillers do). It’s described as a ‘Skin Booster’ – and that’s exactly what it does. No anaesthetic is needed, and in the capable hands of Dr Kersh, treatment takes 20 minutes. There is little to give the game away once she’s done. The effects, however, are more tangible. Skin looks much improved: plumper, smoother and healthier. Three sessions, one month apart, and your face will be so glowy, so radiant, it’ll rival a twenty-year-old’s. And isn’t that what we all want? 

Volite with Dr Suha Kersh, from £550. At 23MD, 23 Elystan Street, SW3. (; 020 7078 0302).