MINE LOVES QUEEN of podiatry Margaret Dabbs London. Her fantastic foot clinic and nail spas in central London’s Marylebone, Liberty and Notting-hill showcase her famous luxury foot and hand beauty brand with the best foot treatments in town. Where else can you get a luxury pedi alongside a medical make over on your feet!? The clinic does offer an innovative approach to foot, hand and nail care, and whether you want a full on medical pedicure or speedy paint and polish, an expert qualified podiatry team, overseen and trained by Margaret herself, are at hand to see to your every need. Her medically credible and results driven, award-winning products are used in all treatments to give your feet and hands a total overhaul, addressing all aspects of foot and nail health and ensuring long lasting results. We love the award winning range of treatments including the signature Medical Pedicure, Bunion Prevention Therapy,  Biomechanical Assessments and Fungal Nail Laser Therapy. Her highly acclaimed enriched nail polishes are used complimenting the anti-aging approach on which  all her treatments  are focussed . A leading pioneer in the industry, Margaret is always striving for excellence and high quality and this new venture is no different. “I have always had a determination to bring professional high quality treatments and products for hands and feet into the forefront of the beauty market” says Dabbs. Arrive as yourself, depart as a movie star!

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