MINE Editor, Astrid Joss, tells us why it’s OK to be style obsessed and what to look out for in our latest issue

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We have long had an interesting relationship with style. It’s a way to

express ourselves without breathing a word or making a move. You allow

the eye of the beholder to place you, even judge you, with a single glance.

Little wonder so many of us obsess over it. Dismiss it as you will, style is

an art form; one that brings joy to many and creates millions of jobs. So

it’s okay to take fashion and beauty seriously. You’d be a fool not to.

What I find fascinating is where the industry currently sits. The

changes have been momentous. Gone are the days, when I started on

Vogue, when the main luxury style fix was magazines. It certainly made for

a straightforward life. Now ‘influencers’ take centre-stage. At first many a

feather was ruffled; how I laugh when I think back to how the old-school

print lot – including myself – would scoff! But what has emerged are

incredible (and credible!) influencers and brands. As a result, magazines

have begun to work differently. Collaborations and partnerships are

common place and we’re better for it. It’s artistically more interesting and

creatively more challenging, and that’s how magic happens.

I’m proud to have worked with Chanel on our Sai Bennett cover shoot.

It’s Chanel. Enough said. However (I can’t help myself) I want to shout

from the rooftops how fantastic it is to shoot with the A-team. Having

Zoe Taylor, makeup artist for Chanel and one of the hottest on the scene,

direct makeup was a sight to behold. Her inspiring talent, showcasing

A/W makeup trends, can be seen on pages 13 and 34-46. Sai herself is a

modern-day exemplar, playing the fame game off the Instagram books.

Being cooked for by the unstoppable chef du jour and London’s latest

fancy Tom Kerridge was mind-blowing. I adored experiencing his latest

restaurant at Corinthia hotel, which has megawatt style (p68). You’d

better hotfoot it there before he’s into the next thing!

Less down to earth, more reaching for the heavens, is Hetty Chidwick’s

bling. See what’s trending on page 16. And for fashion trends we’re

graced with the fabulous ex-Vogue retail editor Virginia Chadwyck-

Healey’s take on the essentials that will never go out of style (page 30).

Finally, congratulations to my dear friends at By Appointment Only

Design on the long-awaited launch of their new home fragrance collection

(page 54). It brings style to your home, which is what they do best.

So have a good read and let me know what you think  at I’d love to hear from you!