2nd  December 2017, St Pauls, Knightsbridge

From her days as a fashion assistant at Tatler to a now highly respected London fashion PR, Emma Reeve’s wedding is known to be one of the most stylish London weddings ever to be seen in Mayfair. She talks us through the key moments of her wedding to Simon Higson.


At this very moment I felt sheer relief! Relief that I made it down the aisle on my own and relief I did not trip over.  The moment I turned to walk down the aisle,  my sling back Aquazzara shoes felt too big for me as my feet were so cold so all I could think about was them slipping off! I also remember thinking how handsome Simon looked and how relieved I was that I chose his tie. It’s funny what goes through your mind…. 


We both felt so overwhelmed and happy that we had made it to this very moment as so much had passed before. All the hard work and months of planning (and moments of panic) had paid off. We were standing outside our venue in  Mayfair, the Saville Club, at this point, moments before we entered for the reception for the first time and we could see all our friends piling in from the buses looking happy and full of love for us. I was also dying for a glass of champagne!! 


For the room I envisaged ‘Ice Queen meets Marie Antoinette’ when I planned my December London wedding. I hoped for 'romantic but not cheesy', 'festive but not Christmassy’  and ultimately intimate & chic in style.  The ceiling of the Savile Club inspired me with the painted icy blue sky and soft pink clouds and I tried to match these hues in the glasses and table setting. 


For the table setting it was really important to make my wedding individual and bespoke for each guest and that they all felt that Simon and I had put thought into why we love them and why we wanted them there. The placements, done by my wonderful and very talented friend Victoria Fitzroy – ensured that this detail was covered. The tiniest details in these magical personalised placements included pets to hobbies and nick names. They broke the ice between guests sitting next to people they didn’t know  - I am so glad I made the effort to do this! It made all the difference!


I chose crowns for my guests to have and take away as for months I was struggling to find an unconventional and quirky way for them to find their seats for dinner and a rainbow of pom pom head bands was my answer! It was fun as you could wear them at dinner, adding another layer for a wedding tradition with a twist!  I was also going through a headband and pom pom obsession  the time…


My bridesmaids wore TH Bridesmaids, all in different shades of blush pinks, with handmade head bands made of Gypsophila in white made by Fox Glove and Glory. I couldn’t have done it without my Maid of Honour Melissa who was incredible, from the planning of my hen, to the dress dilemmas and general wedding drama. My oldest school friend Alexandra Campbell and best friends Tessa Whalley, Clementine De Blank Chappell, Alexandra  Carello and Elena Hawila all did so much on the run up and on the day to ensure it all went incredibly smoothly. The week before I had a ‘Bridesmaid & Usher mingle and meet’  at 5 Hertford Street where everyone met and got to know each other which I am also so glad we organised.


My Jenny Packham dress was the very first I tried on and I had a strong feeling that I would come back to it – which I did, several times, despite going on to try what felt like hundreds of other dresses around London. I took my Mother, who’s advice I treasure, to every dress fitting and she always talked about the Jenny Packham dress as her favourite.  Even though pink is not my usual colour of choice – I knew I didn’t want a white or ivory shade and so blush felt a perfect choice. The Dixie, was a sample which never went into production in the blush colour and so the amazing girls at Jenny Packham arranged for the sample to be sourced and brought back to London from a shoot for me to buy. I think Simon was terrified about what I might have worn – I have been known to shock him and as we ate breakfast in bed at Claridges the day after,  he admitted he was worried I would turn up in a black!!