A/W VOLUME 2, 2018


MINE Editor, Astrid Joss, introduces the glorious and biggest style Influencer of our time, Victoria Magrath for our new Bridal issue 


The ring is dazzling on your finger and there are springs in your step. Oh yes, there’s nothing quite like the air of a newly engaged bride or groom-to-be. However, there is a marathon to run before you reach the finish line.

Sounds overwhelming? Well, wedding prep can be. Even if you have the best planner on the planet (and we nominate Alexandra Pisani on page 45), it still requires huge time and effort on your part to make all those crucial decisions and achieve the wedding of your dreams. Let’s face it, no one wants to experience any kind of imposter syndrome – and certainly not on their wedding day! It takes a village as they say and, in this instance, you are the chief.

So own that title and jump on board if you want to achieve perfection. I firmly spurn the notion of bridezillas: it’s not good for your health and it’s definitely no fun for those in close proximity to you. But I quite like a bit of diva-ishness in its purest form: a prima donna, a starlet. For what’s a show without its leading lady?

This brings me to our engaged cover star Victoria Magrath. Fashion’s modern-day muse. She’s not a model, nor is she an actress or even a fashion editor. She’s an influencer and an uber-successful one at that. If you struggle with the term influencer, its relevance or even its meaning, let me put it this way. Quite simply, she is a person of influence within the fashion and beauty industry, with a dedicated readership that would be the envy of many a glossy magazine. And, unlike those magazines, she is a team of one. I could go on, but it’s easier if you turn to page 48.

Choosing ‘the one’ (your outfit, not partner) is definitely the biggest decision you’ll make. So we ensured Victoria modelled an array of styles, while ex-Vogue editor Ginnie Chadwyck-Healey talks through the experience of finding your dream gown (page 40).

Ease yourself in with the relative frivolity of choosing a watch – the perfect wedding gift! – that matches your ring for your partner (page 16). Or choose extra accessories for yourself: go for colour to avoid a complete whiteout and give your look personality with Harry Winston’s new collection (page 24) or timeless Fabergé pieces (page 20).

Your beauty regime is as important as it is indulgent: nobody wants to see you looking exhausted, so avoid that at any cost! Gorgeous makeup tips are suggested by Sam Freedman on page 92. And do spend time on your fragrance choice: it’s one of the most important wedding accessories, as the scent will linger with you for a lifetime, triggering wonderful memories.

The journey will only be as exciting and fun as you make it. So make it work for you and try not to lose sight of life beyond the day itself. There’s your honeymoon (pages 64 and 70) and the arrival of your beautiful gifts (pages 68, 83 and 90) to look forward to. In fact, I don’t feel sorry for you at all! If I could only do it all over again...