by Remi Betesh

Welcome Ultra Violet - Pantone Colour Of 2018

The new year heralds in a time for new resolutions and in general, a better you. Be it new work out routines, different diets or simply being more at peace, we all want to embrace change if it means happiness. So when Pantone announced ultra violet as it’s new ‘it’ colour, a tone associated with mindful practices, we did a little happy dance. The trick is now to immerse yourself in this serene shade to reap the benefits. Look not just to fashion but also the home. For a total 360 degree violet view on the world slip on these Alexander McQueen shades and keep it all pretty perfect.

Richard Phillips, Spectrum, 1998  £727

Richard Phillips, Spectrum, 1998


Gucci Blazer  £1610

Gucci Blazer


 Baccarat Vase  £595    

 Baccarat Vase


Alexander Mcqueen sunglasses  £275

Alexander McQueen Sunglasses


Fernando Jorge  £10320

Fernando Jorge


Gorgio Armani Makeup  £50

Giorgio Armani Makeup