By Charlie Tee

Man about town, Charlie Tee, takes a virtual spin in the latest and greatest ‘Rolls' known to man…. 


‘Effortless, Everywhere’ is how Rolls-Royce announced the arrival of its new luxury SUV model.  Named after the largest diamond ever discovered which now resides in the British Crown Jewels, ‘Cullinan’ is widely thought to be the most eagerly anticipated model ever.

The launch was a glamorous affair at the brands flagship London premises on Berkeley Square, thanks in no small part to the Rolls-Royce team who were out in force for the event and all perfectly clued-up to explain to guests the impressive features of this new mega SUV.

A favourite feature was the cars automatic ‘viewing suite’.  This sees two seats and a small table fold out of the split ‘clam’ boot and sit over the rear bumper for owners to perch on.  Presumably this will be ideal for sundowners overlooking the Dubai desert, where this car will surely become the whip of choice when deliveries begin at the end of the year, starting from £230,000.


Being a Rolls, customers can still expect the world-renowned ‘Magic Carpet Ride’, though this time, even on the toughest of road surfaces when Cullinan is King.  And if all of the press and photos we have seen so far on Cullinan are to be believed, this car really has been tested in the toughest environments.  To prove this point, one of the two models in the showroom on the night was the vehicle that had been out on the National Geogrphic tour, still wearing its dirty camouflage wrap; a nice touch against all the shiny newness of the other model.

Those customers actually using the car in places further afield will enjoy the fact that when getting in and out, the doors have been designed to wrap low under the sill of car, ensuring that all dirt remains on the outside of the door: no muddy trousers here.  ‘A feature only Rolls-Royce would have considered’, they tell us in their launch pack.

Charlie Tee

All in all, this is a seriously impressive vehicle, which lives up to the hype that it's incarnation has brought about.  It would take the average person an age to spec one of these beasts, with all the countless options, finishes and colourways available, and that is before you even look at bespoke options.  That said, a Rolls-Royce isn’t for the average person, is it? 


Rachel Shaw personal shopper


Right: Sarah Pelling Rolls-Royce Global Product PR Manager