By Remi Betesh

Have you ever felt that for every season change, or even holiday destination, a certain scent is necessary? Winter months have you longing for warm, deep scents while summer’s bring light evoke airy and floral feelings. What if for each city you visited there was an exclusive scent to be worn?  Enter the niche fragrance house that the beauty industry is obsessed by - Le Labo. Their City Exclusive collection was originally created to pay tribute to some of the cities they have shops in. These 11 scents are usually only available in the city they belong to and nowhere else in the world - so NO online orders, NO shipping, NO exceptions. But once a year during the month of September, Le Labo closes their eyes and let the City Exclusives leave their hometowns for the world to get to experience…..


London City Exclusive POIVRE 23 100ml.jpg

POIVRE 23 - London Exclusive

Poivre translates into pepper and it’s Le Labo’s pepper statement, only available as an Extrait de Parfum. Why pepper? (We’re talking true bourbon pepper, the Rolls Royce of peppers). Because it’s the spice of all spices, widely used in perfumery, and they wanted pepper to finally get what it deserves: the limelight. It is very warm, ultra spicy, truly oriental, similar qualities the city of London holds and it’s only for London.


VANILLE 44 - Paris Exclusive

We all know that Paris is the city of love. But Paris is also the city of Vanille 44!  This theme is a subtle ambery, incensy, woody, sexy note that once acquainted with your premium pashmina sweater will release the finest of the vanilla bourbons that you’ve experienced. It’s vanilla disguised. Some will say that it is scandalous to release this theme in Paris only. Others will say that it is already too much and will try to ban it in the name of normality, where vanillas smell of vanilla. But, tell me, who is normal these days?



Mousse De Chene 30 - Amsterdam Exclusive

Moss and patchouli are paired with their most incisive synthetic boosters, crystal moss and clearwood. Cinnamon, pimento bay and pink pepper spice it up to create timeless elegance that is reassuring yet surprising, tense, and addictive. For those that prefer less poetic descriptions, Mousse de Chene 30 is a neo-chypre (no, neo-chypre is not a poetic word) that is both traditional and progressive. Just like Amsterdam when you think about it…


BENJOIN 19 - Moscow Exclusive

Moscow’S city exclusive, is about a moment. A moment depicted by one of the most important writers of all time, Leo Tolstoy, in the eternal Anna Karenina, when Anna meets Count Vronsky in a Moscow train station. This creation is that moment, the moment when everything changes, when your life topples over, when nothing will ever be the same. In Tolstoy's masterpiece, this happens in Moscow, yet what makes Anna Karenina a work of art is its universality: it could have happened anywhere. This is what Benjoin 19 is - a universal tribute to passionate spirits, to those determined to live their lives on their own terms. Like the novel, this scent is a mosaic of intertwined stories centered around benzoin (olibanum, amber, cedar, musks, ...) that transmits a deep and powerful experience of sensuality and rebelliousness.



MUSC 25 - LA Exclusive

Why LA, you ask? Because genderless angels have to be tempted into the smell of life. Musc 25 is white, angelic, very musky, aldehydic and so intensely luminous that you will need to wear shades to approach it. Yet, despite all this heavenly white, its core is somber and devilishly dark, so much so that it wakes up your inner demons that are anchored in sin and in animalic notes that are sensual, sexual and decadent.  Enjoy the ride!



Mousse De Chene 30

Aldehyde 44

Gaiac 10

Tubereuse 40

5-locations boutiques soho london.jpg

Vanille 44

Musc 25

Poivre 23

Limette 37

Baie Rose 26

Cuir 28

Benjoin 19

Price: 50ml - £200 / 100ml - £305