By Samantha Freedman

How do you choose your eau de parafum? Do you sniff every tester you can find waiting to find ‘the one’? Do you lurk longingly at beauty halls for your favourite designer to bring out another cult classic? Well, what if we told you that choosing your next eau was as simple as picking from a playlist, because that’s exactly how perfumers are making them.

The latest array of noise-pleasers have been created by top perfumers based on their musical experiences and where they want to transport you. If a Woodstock Festival listening to Jimi Hendrix sounds like your vibe, we’ve got just the one. Or want to to feel liberated and empowered like Madonna? Sit back, relax and enjoy the beats that will follow…





Festival Anthems

Envisage yourself swaying in the sun, feet planted in a field surrounded by peace, love and rock’n’roll. That’s exactly what Maison Margiela had in mind when they put together their latest fragrance inspired by America’s Woodstock festival. This golden juice is laced with cannabis, red apple and violet, and lingers on the skin longingly thanks to the patchouli incense and tobacco base notes.

Maison Margiela Replica Music Festival, £95 for 100ml (




Pop Right Now

When Madonna launched her career she was the first pop star in the eighties to take control of her image and her music. “Like A Virgin signified a celebration of purity and innocence, which makes an interesting style statement”, explains French perfumer Ali Kashani, the creator behind the collection. The thought provoking mix of orange blossom laced with milk and vanilla signifies freedom and liberty. It’s a beautiful floral with a dusting of powdery musk.

Art Meets Art Like A Virgin, £70 for 50ml (




Punk Rock Masters

London’s Punk Rock era was an explosion of innovation, rage and honesty but it wasn’t just spoken about, it was shouted about. There were no rules. All of these aspects inspired perfumer Antonine Lie, from the unusual leathery accord that represents the creative and challenger world of punk, to the metal accord that signifies the bold fashion safety pins and stud statements. This scent captures raw energy and anger, in a bold and beautiful way.  

Jusbox No Rules, £140 for 75 (www/



Greatest Hits

Purple Rain…two words that evoke so much love for one musical genius. Androgynous, tick, soulful, tick. Prince was a pop-legend with a magical allure like no other. How have Prada conjured all of his extravagance in one bottle? They’ve chosen one of his most famous hits, Purple Rain to sound out in notes- think powdery and sexy, that’ll be the iris, mixed with subtle tones of vetiver, neroli and organic blossom. Just like the sound of his voice, get ready to be seduced.

Prada Olfactories Purple Rain, £195 for 100ml (



Classical Romance  

Paul Schütze is a composer turned perfumer and uses both parts to inspire the other, creating both music and fragrance in a very similar way. Cirebon was inspired by Paul’s trip to the island of Java, listening to the gamelan orchestra at the edge of a lake. The burnished citrus notes of bergamot are wrapped in magnolia and cedar and enhanced perfectly with aromatic green woods such as vetiver, and sandalwood. A unique bittersweet conception that works just as seamlessly for her as it does for him.

Paul Schütze Cirebeon, £135 for 50ml (

Elevator Music EDP 100ml.jpg


Ambient Chill

Byredo’s limited edition offering combines fashion and fragrance and features one of the most talked about designers of the moment, Virgil Abloh, founder and creator of Off-White. When Virgin and Byredo’s Ben Gorham (old friends) knocked together heads they discovered that they wanted a scent that much like actual elevator music, played a background noise to ones life. The result is something sweet, but not too sweet, with midnight violet and bamboo, jasmine petals and ambrette and burned woods at the base.

Off White x Byredo Elevator Music, £170 for 100ml (