by Remi Betesh

Your tanning mantra should be - apply, protect, REPEAT and we don't mean only in summer months. Yes, we know it's annoying, but sunscreen should be applied come rain (London, we're looking at you) or shine. So here is a round up of our top 5 sunscreen's to keep that face looking young and burn free.




 5. La Roche-Posay Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid

The product which has taken the industry by storm!  This non perfumed sunscreen is the perfect pick for those with combination to sensitive skin or prickly heat. It helps reduce the appearance of sun induced dark spots. Oh, and have we mentioned it's water resistant? Though this specific product is only for the face, the brand carries a range of creams to help protect the body as well. 

La Roche-Posay Ultra Light Sunscreen, £160.50 for 50ml (laroche-posay.co.uk)



4. Glossier Invisible Shield

If you haven’t heard about glossier, nows the time to become acquainted! This cult brand is due to Emily Weiss founder and CEO who decided to create glossier (pronounced Gloss-ee-ay) because she wanted beauty to be as much of an element of personal style as fashion is. Glossier caters to real girls, wanting to celebrate diversity and break the mold of makeup being a shield for natural beauty. Invisible shield is a clear water gel formula filled with active microcapsules that absorb right into your skin. For women of colour, this is the sunscreen for you as it leaves ZERO white residue like other sunscreens do. Most of all it does what it’s meant to, preventing sun damage and skin cancer while keeping pollutant junk from getting into the skin.

Glossier Invisible Shield, £20 for 30ml (glossier.com)



3. Clarins Sun Wrinkle Control Cream UVA/UVB 50+

Vogue Beauty Director Jessica Diner notes Clarins sun care as the ‘industries gold standard', so naturally this was at the top of our list to try. While thicker than the others it’s application is beautiful. This cream is also great for those with sensitive skin. Two key ingredients are olive tree and baobab to help boost multi-cellular protection, protect from signs of aging (phew) and protect from dehydration. 


Clarins Sun Wrinkle Control Cream, £21.50 for 75ml (clarins.co.uk)



2. Institut Adaptasun Face Cream Strong Sun

Institut Adaptasun is unlike anything else we've seen on the market. This high tech sunscreen was created by a french biologist and pharmacist. "This product trains your skin to protect itself at a cellular level. Through fighting free radical damage and stimulating the production and distribution of melanin, your skin stays safe while developing a faster, longer-lasting tan." Institut Estherderm Adaptasun Face Cream isn't based off SPF, but by skin type and sun exposure such as for people who have normal skin that tan's easily and doesn't burn.

Institut Adaptasun Face Cream Strong Sun, £40.50 for 50ml (spacenk.com)




1. Chanel UV Essentiel Daily UV Care Multi Protection Anti - Pollution SPF 30

If their sunscreen is anything like their handbags, then there is no going back! Chanel’s SPF is a daily skincare product that is adaptable to every women's needs based on her lifestyle, environment and exposure to sun rays. How? The daily shield protects against pollution and indoor light as well as UV rays while it safeguards skin internally and adapts to your own skin exposure - how very clever!  With a non oily and lightweight texture, this is perfect for everyday face wear under your makeup. Offered SPF’s SPF 50 and SPF 30 - choose according to skin type while the later is great for cloudy weather! 

Chanel UV Essentiel £44, 30ml (chanel.com)