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CEO and founder Jamila Askarova of Gazelli House spa hosted a beautiful dinner to celebrate the start of Summer in the House’s newly built conservatory. Guests trotted over to south Kensington fashionable Walton Street to welcome in the season and of course in true Italian style, the heat! To continue the Scilian theme which inspires the exquisite decor of this one of a kind chic like no other spa, guests were treated to an Italian feast provided by the famous London restaurant ‘Daphne’s’, Gazelli’s House’s neighbour. 
So, If you find yourself in need of a bit of healing / energising / enlightenment / relaxation this summer or simply to recover from all the over excitement that no doubt the season will bring, you know where to go. Treatments here go beyond the treatment room and the space itself is insanely beautiful. We’re obsessed!

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Jamila Askarova Owner and Founder, Gazelli House

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Francesca White Tatler health and beauty director with Astrid Joss MINE Magazine Editor 

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Alice Edwards, Jewellery Editor of The Sunday Times Style and The Times Luxx

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Camilla Wilson, Owner and Founder Redwing PR

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Gazelli Products 

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Pippa Durell

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Sophie Goodwin Tatler fashion director

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Catering by Daphne's 


Interior's of Gazelli House



Gazelli Products