by Remi Betesh 

We all know the routine: 1) fall in love 2) get engaged 3) suddenly freak out about all the weight we need to loose to look picture perfect for THE DAY. The question is how to do it quickly, effectively and most importantly in style? THIS is why we’d like to tell you about the ever so trendy ‘Barrecore’ - a barre studio which is now catering to brides needs with two new packages.

BarreCore 1.jpg

Barrecore is a high intensity and low impact full body exercise that targets a fat burning format and leans out muscles. The method is an effective way to reshape the body in just a few weeks. Trust me, i’ve taken the class and you will feel and see results!  


The Quick Fix (for bride's who clearly are in a crunch with a very short engagement)

The Quick fix includes 24 classes, 4 private 1-1 sessions designed to cater to your body needs, 20% discount on supplements & a 2 month online video subscription to continue to practice at home when they can’t get into the studio. £825

Transform (for brides with longer engagements who have time to sweat 'pun intended'!) 

The Transform includes 248 classes, 6 private 1-1 sessions designed to cater to your body needs over a 6 month period, 20% discount on retail & a 6 month online video subscription to continue to practice at home when they can't get into the studio. An additional use of a private room is given to the bride so her and her partner can perfect their first dance!! £1475

Barrecore 3-1.jpg


Barrecore is more than just a work out, the changing rooms are filled with everyones favourite cowshed products and don’t worry about bringing your hair tools because they also have hair dryers, straighteners, makeup wipes, hair bobbles, cotton buds, tampons, deodorant, fresh towels, lockers, coat stands, shoe shelving - yes, you can basically just move in. The studio also offers a range of S’well bottles, well known active wear brands DYI and Alo Yoga, barrecore active wear and grip socks (necessary for a slip-less barre class), food supplements, healthy snacks and beverages from The Bondi Kitchen, Emily Fruit and Veg Chips, Remedy Kombucha, Matcha works and Minor Figures Nitro Cold Brew. Yum. This experience will leave you feeling over prepared and fit for the big day. SO bingo!