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Who doesn’t want to have their name on their face cream or a potion mixed specifically for them?  Meet some of the brands striving to offer you the best for your skin, hair, face, and lips needs.  


Function of Beauty

Hair is definitely an important part of any routine for beauty lovers and a customised shampoo and conditioner, made exactly as you want it (even down to the scent) is life-changing. That’s exactly where US company Function of Beauty comes in. You have to list your hair type through the online quiz along with your five hair goals. You can then choose the colour for your shampoo and conditioner (including dye-free) and select your scent and its strength. Add a name or nickname and you are done! The chemists then use an algorithm to convert your needs into the perfect formula and the amount of each ingredient. As a final step you choose your size, and it’s so smart that you can opt for a larger shampoo than conditioner if you want, and the frequency of the shipments from just once to every month. Your perfect hair is only a few clicks away! The brand is also paraben and sulphate, vegan and cruelty free. If you’re not satisfied with your order free returns or changes in formulation within 30 days.

Function of Beauty shampoo and conditioner, from £29 (




My Rouge G lipstick


Guerlain has come out with a product that mixes past and present. Reminiscent of old lipstick cases, you select your case from the 15 available designs from classic rose gold and silver, to marble and red leather and then find your perfect shade from the 30 available hues. There are the typical red and pink tones if you want to choose something classic and even green, blue and bright purple if you are feeling adventurous. The case opens to reveal a double mirror that will definitely come useful for on-the-go touch-ups and can be engraved with your name or initials (only available at Selfridges) to make it truly special. Rouge G was initially created in 2009 by jeweller Lorenz Bäumer with its one of a kind double mirror. Guerlain has always been a pioneer in beauty, creating the first bullet lipstick in 1870 named Ne m’oubliez pas (‘don’t forget me’).

My Rouge G lipstick, £24.50 for the lipsticks and £14.50 for the case (


Eyeko_Bespoke Mascara_£30.00.jpg

Eyeko mascara

Dreaming of the perfect mascara tailor-made just for you? Done! Hello Eyeko! Through a quick and easy-to-use online questionnaire you first select your natural lashes, your desired effect when choosing a mascara, and then the perfect brush out of the recommended ones - or you let them choose for you. Of course you can get more than one depending on the style you want to achieve for different occasions, Eyeko has actually coined ‘Mascara Wardrobe’ to describe just that. All the mascaras are infused with nourishing treatments (like shea butter) and smudge-free formulas. There is also a live video chat option if you need a helping hand choosing, and if you order before 3pm you can get it delivered within 90 minutes in London – perfect for an event or dinner you might have forgotten about! 

Eyeko Bespoke mascara, £30 (



Trinny London stackable makeup

Through Trinny London’s comprehensive and easy to use website and their revolutionary Match2Me service, choose your eye, hair and skin colour and skin profile from a variety of options. We love the videos are offered to help you choose what colour combinations you are closer to. After analyzing over 3,000 women the website offers you all the options that will perfectly suit you from base (BFF cream), to mattifying balm (Face Finish), lips and eyes. The selection of a product couldn’t be easier and if that wasn’t enough you can get a suggestion for your ‘stacked makeup’ combination, from ’30 Speedy Seconds’, and one, two and five minute looks. Just add them straight to your basket!

Trinny London stackable makeup, from £18 (

TRINNY London Stack.jpg


Layers perfume

Part of the Experimental Perfume Club, Layers is their new venture into bespoke perfume allowing you to combine the different scents of the collection as you please to create your own blend. Each pack contains a scent for the top, middle and base and the combination is entirely down to you. Choose from bergamot for the top, jasmine for the middle and sandalwood for the base layer. Each pack comes with a suggested formula if you aren’t so sure about experimenting at first then use the pipette and add as much from each Layer to the blending bottle as you wish. Make sure to write down your formula so you can recreate it over and over again. And of course don’t forget to name your scent, just like any story should have a name.

Layers\01 Blending Collection, £90, Top, Mid and Base 50ml Eau de Parfum, £95 and Blending bottle, £15, 8ml, at Liberty (

Personalised Caps.jpg

Ex Nihilo perfumes

Parisian niche perfumer Ex Nihilo offers very special scents to begin with. But their personalisation service available at the Salon de Parfums in Harrods (and four other locations worldwide) takes this a step further to create your one-of-a-kind scent. The process starts with an initial consultation, where one raw ingredient can be added from a choice of three chosen by the perfumer of that fragrance. This is then mixed in front of you. Ex Nihilo set this service in order to create a dialogue between the consumer and the handcraft, an exchange to understand more about raw materials. The glass bottle can be personalised with an engraving and you can also choose a cap (from £40) from a wide selection, like onyx, leather and limited edition ones like diamonds or sapphires. 

Ex-Nihilo Collection perfume from £255 to £270 and Babylone perfume from £430 to £490, at Harrods Salon de Parfums (


INSITU copy.png

INSITU skincare

In the top of personalisation is INSITU, one of the only truly customisable skincare brand.Founded by Dr Maria Salichou to use their revolutionary technology to make personalised skincare widely available.  You can personalise every product from 11 categories, from face, eyes and body as well as cleansers. Products are created only upon order, using over 12 billion natural ingredient combinations. A focused and targeted product is created through consultation and a skin analysis test, you can even select the time you use the specific product and everything is taken into consideration. If you need more help selecting the product there is an intuitive skin analysis test available on the website that offers a four product starter kit tailored to your needs. Every product is then made in-house in their lab in London, which means it’s as fresh as possible and will be at its maximum working capacity, and it’s free from parabens, SLS and colours. Sample sizes are also available for purchase if you want to try out before committing to a full-sized product. Receive your product within two days complete with your name on if you wish. 


INSITU, from £26 to £56, samples at £6 (

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Kiehl’s Apothecary Preparations

American skincare brand Kiehl’s took inspiration from its traditional apothecary style and over 150 years of experience and created ‘Apothecary Preparations’, a personalised concentrated serum depending on your concerns, as you would do at your local pharmacy many decades ago. Starting with a consultation they take the Skin Strengthening Concentrate as the basis and combine with two targeted complexes depending on your top concerns. These complexes target wrinkles, texture, clarity, large pores and redness. You receive your three products in a personalised box to be mixed at-home in order to achieve the most potent results. The basis of the serum is a mix of squalene (a lipid from the olive tree) and a skin lipid complex, for hydrated and protected skin. 

Kiehl’s Apothecary Preparations Concentrate, £90, 30ml, at Regent Street flagship (