Remi Betesh

As fashion month continues, influencers, editors and fashion lovers hops across the pond to see what London’s top designers are offering for A/W19..


Victoria Beckham -HER BEST YET

It may be her best collection yet, some even quoting it “the void to fill old Celine”. The show was the perfect combination of feminine without being overly sexy, with 70’s references throughout the collection and vibrant coloured accents to compliment each look.


Emilia Wickstead- CULT INSPIRATION

This season we saw an assortment of darker colours than usual from Emilia Wickstead. Apparently and also unexpectedly, Wickstead said she got her inspiration from the movie The Godfather, playing the films music as the soundtrack to her collection. If it’s The Godfather that inspired these amazing silhouettes for the collection, we think everyone should go home to watch the film for some full on fashion inspiration.



Riccardo Tisci debuted his Burberry collection which was split into two parts. One side of the collection was street while the other was formalwear to target different age markets. His music choices also reflected his split collection ranging from rap to classical music. Tisci's goal is to have someone come in to buy a beautiful classic trench along with a unique piece.



The entire Shrimps collection was inspired by Greek mythology. Hannah Weiland, the creative director of shrimps said she wanted each look to mimic a greek goddess. As always, the collection was a mix of colours. Most in the same look that you wouldn't typically think to pair together, but Shrimps always seems to make it work



All fashion girls are flocking to this brand, and we can clearly see why. From her colour palate to her silhouettes that are super fluid, and also structured in all the right places - we want the entire collection. Pyo is in the depths of renovating her London home, and said the construction truly influenced the collection. Learning how to to create partition walls in an open space helped create the lines of her collection