As we see Meghan take a side step in the direction of Royal protocol, she is equally gathering pace towards developing her own personal style as a Duchess. So much so that the fashion industry is starting to sit back and take notes on both the value and power of this effect. 

This week there was ‘much ado’ when Meghan emerged sporting a 'right off the runway' coat from popular British brand Erdem which appeared as the very first catwalk look at his recent show.  Keeping in mind that life as a Royal is so often planned 'to a tee' with much consideration and notable execution, questions are being asked from within the fashion industry, is she now dictating the creation of catwalk collections right through to their running order? 

Erdem Moralioglu is a Canadian born designer with an English mother who spent most of his childhood in London so it was indeed a smart move for Meghan to support both nations on this trip to Canada House for Commonwealth Day.  So which came first - did Meghan spot the look and subsequently choose it or rather, and what insiders are saying, it would appear that it was created for her and put in the collection knowing she was to wear it weeks later. A meticulous strategy on both sides and one to be applauded as this moves the idea of ‘brand partnerships’ (and royal ones at that) to yet again another level.  The thought process behind this possible decision is that Princess Diana also had also worn a similar emerald green jacket with embellishment and statement sleeves while pregnant. Channeling the late Princess has always worked in Meghan's favour whilst displaying her respect to both 'Queen and country’ so one can see why there was more to it than just choosing a pretty green jacket. 

As Edward Enninful stated last night as he addressed the audience at the National Portrait Gala, “The twenty-first century is full of portraits” and remarked that portraits of ‘today’ include those which we are now able to so easily capture on our phones and share instantaneously. Portraits are hugely significant as they catch a moment in history and determine ‘who is remembered and how.’ With that said the emerging importance of Meghan’s style choices are and forever will be noted as they have the power to determine cause and effect on varying levels.