Samantha Freedman

Thinking of a way to treat your mother this coming mothers day? But feeling a little fed up with flowers? Has the afternoon tea soirée sailed and the purchase of her favourite lipstick become tiresome? Then we might have just the thing…

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Tucked away in the countryside of Majorca you’ll find the perfect getaway for you and ma. Escapda, is a unique retreat which combines four key pillars: holistic treatments, mindful movement, nourishing nutrition and best of all, time to reconnect. Bringing together western medicine and eastern practises it was founded by two best friends, Maeve O’sullivan a trained nurse and Emilia Herting, a qualified herbalist, both are also Chinese medicine therapist and acupuncturists. Escapada has been described as a ‘magical experience’ by Vanity Fair and here’s why…

‘The health and wellbeing sector is overloaded with information and a lot of that is conflicting and confusing,’ says Maeve. ‘As practitioners, we found that so many clients were overwhelmed and didn’t know how to achieve a healthy lifestyle. We wanted to strip that back and open peoples eyes to how easy it can be.’

The duo launched their first retreat in 2017 and from what started as ‘Seasonal Cleanses' (which still run) have since transcended into social gatherings with integrative health benefits. In May, they’ll be launching their first ‘Womens Only Week (May 10th -17th), ‘The idea to launch female only retreats came from there being so many taboo conversations around Women’s Health,’ says Emilia. ‘We found women were suffering in silence both physically and emotionally. As a female-only team this is an area that we are not only highly passionate about, but also experience in the support and treatments that we can provide.’

If you’re a mum yourself, there’s the Mum Weekend (May 18th -22nd) and for all mums-to-be they’ve put together a Fertility & Pregnancy Retreat (August 30th - 6th September). All of which are held at their beautiful Ses Set Casa residence, a 500 year old restored finca set on a farm with seven adjoining stone-built houses. Complete with a swimming pool, overlooking the Capdepera golf course, near-by villages and beaches, it’s a view worthy soaking in.


What can you expect from your time at Escapada? To start with there’s an intensive health consultation, you’ll be given a prescription of acupuncture, practise yoga and meditation daily and  follow an Ayurvedic nutritional programme. Trust us, you wont go hungry the foods delicious. There’s a chance to have cooking lessons, so you can take some tips home with you, hike across the beautiful coastal town and of course there’s plenty of mum and me time.

Escapada have a tailored approach, which really enables them to stand out, ‘One size doesn’t fit all, and everyone needs the right attention’, says Maeve, ‘so we keep each retreat to a maximum of 12 people, ensuring everyone has their own individual package.’

While the cleanses offer transitional tips from moving from into new seasons, the women’s health retreats focus more towards balancing hormones and symptoms controlling menstruation, PMS and menopause. They host expert sessions to get conversations started and create a loving atmosphere for support and informative information. Everything is easily digestible and there’s still plenty of time to unwind, rest and reminisce together.

So if a weekend away is on the cards, but you haven’t found your hot spot yet, Escapada could be it. Please warn partners before attending, chances are you might never return…
For more information about the retreats or to book yours now head to, from €2150.