we asked some of the most successful and influential women around the world what International Women's Day means to them..

“Giving a voice to women who don’t have one.  And then ultimately empowering women in developing communities through education on how to set up infrastructures to ensure they are self reliant business owners. Giving the financial power back to woman is a powerful thing”

- Candice Lake

Style Editor Vogue Australia

“International Women’s Day is about celebrating the empowerment and strength of women. It’s about standing up, being heard and not giving up!”

- Maria Hatzistefanis

Founder and CEO of Rodial Beauty and author of ‘How to Be an Overnight Success’

“To me IWD means celebrating every woman, not just the women that history remembers. It's important to show respect for the women who work hard to achieve great things everyday. It's also a moment when I pause to take stock of the values that are important to me as a woman and the legacy that our generation will leave.”

- Julia Hobbs

Senior Fashion & Trends Editor, Vogue International

“ I would like to offer a homage to all women as we are audacious creatures who have a very unique and special way in which we understand the emotion of life which we express though our feminine creativity. We are also gifted with the ability to listen to our instinct even if it means going against all odds”

- Christine Nagel

In house perfumer at Hermes Perfume

its meaningful to have today because there IS still an inequality, but the end goal should be that it not be needed.This day serves as a reminder of the work we as humanity, as a whole, still have left to do in order for women to be truly equal to men. The  power and strength within each of us makes everyone responsible for helping women from all walks of life gain the same access towards the path of success as men have so easily built for themselves. It is a day that should bring us all together to celebrate how far women have come from the political, social, and economical factors that once held us back, but how much more work we all still have left to do! I see this day as an opportunity to make this 24 hour celebration into a way of life.”

- Marina Testino

Creative and Founder of Point Off View